Clarity and a collective understanding about a school’s identity are essential. Identity creates a context for community discourse about a school, shapes the direction of its program, and informs its plans for growth.

Guided by its mission, Grey Nun Academy provides an academically challenging, developmentally appropriate, nurturing, and faith-centered Pre-K to 8th grade school, with a diverse, co-ed student population, and offers a full complement of core curricular classes as well as art, challenge, guidance, health, music, library/media, physical education, Religion, Spanish, STEM, MAC lab, and community service options.

Grey Nun Academy’s unique identity includes an intentional, sequential curriculum with a primary emphasis on research, reading, writing, oral presentation, mathematics and science, and a commitment to special subjects and interactive learning in our classrooms. Less visible, and often difficult to describe but equally present, is our school’s commitment to balancing seemingly opposite qualities. Grey Nun Academy is both rigorous and nurturing; focused on the intellectual rather than rote-learning, yet committed to skill development. Our programs are comprehensive while the Academy remains attentive to the individual as well as to the community and our faith-centered mission.

The Academy blends the best of what is traditional with the best of what is current. It thrives within the tension of these opposites to create a distinctive environment that creates lifelong learners. Our faculty and staff strive to provide the best possible experience for all Grey Nun Academy students.

Our strong academic program is flexible by design. The average class size offers a student teacher ratio of 7:1. This allows for greater depth and breadth in curriculum design and course offerings.

GNA's TerraNova scores, the standardized achievement tests used in the United States designed to assess K-12 student achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, vocabulary, spelling, and other areas, are outstanding with students scoring among the top 10% nationally.

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