The Value of a Grey Nun Academy Education - Luke Percy '16

"Grey Nun Academy is a great place to learn and grow. It goes way beyond exceptional academics. It challenged me to become organized, confident, disciplined, and self-motivated. I was so well prepared for High School." - Grace Flynn '12


“After looking at all of the different options, Grey Nun has the right combination of academic pursuit of excellence and a nurturing, intimate environment that so many schools talk about but so few schools deliver on. What really makes this school special are the teachers; I think they're the very best in the area. I also feel that Grey Nun, if you measure the school just by outcomes in terms of the high schools the kids get into, is second to none in the region." - Michael Hagan, Alumni Parent

"I believe in the foundation of values that Grey Nun Academy upholds. That acceptance and understanding are as important as grades and academic achievement is what differentiates the school. Students are challenged to grow as individuals rather than just in the classroom. As a teacher at Grey Nun Academy, I strive to add to the culture that students, teachers, faculty and staff, past and present, have fostered and continue to nurture each year." - Kate Wolf, Director of Advancement

“Entrusting our children's education to GNA was the best decision we made. We were looking for a school with strong academics set in a nurturing environment. GNA delivered on both fronts. The school promotes a perfect balance of classroom instruction and project-based learning. The intimate class sizes and talented faculty enables GNA to offer a differentiated learning program. And although we are not Catholic, we always feel welcome with open arms and value the faith based environment. We witness the guiding principles of love and respect at play when the students are in and out of the classroom. We highly recommend GNA to families seeking a great investment for their child's future." - Susy Kim, Current Parent and Director of Enrollment

“GNA gave me a foundation that paved the way for my success at St. Joe’s Prep, the University of Notre Dame and Temple University Law School. GNA instilled within me a set of core values that continues to guide me spiritually and morally in all that I do.” -Joe Blaney ‘95
“Villa Joseph Marie High School has enjoyed a long and rewarding relationship with Grey Nun Academy. The students who have come to Villa from Grey Nun have always exceeded our expectations both inside and outside of the classroom. Grey Nun graduates are natural leaders, diligent students, supportive teammates, and devoted servers in the church and community. It is evident that they were educated in an environment which fosters the whole student and values learning as a lifelong process.” -

Director of Admissions, Villa Joseph Marie High School

“I am thrilled to share Grey Nun Academy with my son. I had great experiences as a student at Grey Nun and that is why I chose to send my son here as well. We trust the family atmosphere and are grateful for the feeling of belonging and being cared for that the sense of community creates. We know the values taught at GNA will enhance the values we are teaching him at home. The education at Grey Nun is outstanding and we are confident in Grey Nun’s commitment to academic excellence. I am so happy that my son can experience – and thrive at – Grey Nun Academy, just as I did.” - Kevin Wilson '93, and Current Parent
“I reflect over 14 years with this community and I know that we really made the right decision in sending our children to Grey Nun Academy. Their foundation is strong scholastically, socially and spiritually.” - Michele Anthony, Alumni Parent