Foreign Language

Lower School

Students in Pre-K through second grade attend Spanish classes one period per week. Students in Grades 3-5 attend Spanish classes two periods per week.

Students are introduced to new vocabulary and expressions as they travel to different parts of the Spanish speaking world via technology. Students’ oral skills are developed and encouraged by introducing new vocabulary and expressions through rich cultural content of different Spanish speaking countries. Proper sentence structure in Spanish will help them develop their writing skills by starting to write short sentences.

Students continue to build on their introduction to the culture and main landmarks of several Spanish speaking countries. Students develop their communicative competency while being exposed to topics relevant to each country and living in a multicultural world. They develop their writing skills through teacher produced activities which focus on grammar. The students enrich their reading comprehension, phonics, sentence structure and grammar. The workbook reviews and reinforces the concepts contained in the student textbook. Students start to write short paragraphs in Spanish. They learn to ask questions in Spanish, as well to answer in complete sentences. They continue to develop their oral, written, reading and listening skills in the target language.

Throughout the curriculum, students are exposed to cultural adventures, acquiring vocabulary and improving their language skills in Spanish. Spanish in grades K-5 stimulates students to reach a functional proficiency level of Spanish in order to understand and converse comfortably in everyday situations. Students are also prepared to transition into Spanish 1 in 6th grade.

Middle School

Students in Grades 6-8 attend Spanish classes daily.

The sixth grade Spanish curriculum provides students with a solid foundation for middle school level Spanish, particularly in vocabulary and grammar. Throughout the year, students build on foundational skills to develop their comprehension of proficiency focused in the areas of speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Also, students study the cultures of Spain and Latin America through various reading and writing comprehension activities.

Seventh grade Spanish curriculum is a continuation of the skills learned concretely in sixth grade, which includes an in-depth study of vocabulary, grammar, and the development of communicative skills of speaking, listening, and reading and cultural studies. There is an increased emphasis placed upon the refinement of real-world application of grammar through written and oral communication.

The eighth grade Spanish curriculum continues to develop and strengthen the four language skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing). Students are expected to refine their skills through class participation, cultural readings, a novel, and written assignments.

Advanced grammar and vocabulary are included within the contents of each unit. Students continue to build their vocabulary and expand their knowledge of culture and verb tenses to increase the number of diverse situations in which they can function using the language. The accelerated pace of eighth grade Spanish is to ensure that the students can apply the knowledge acquired in the classroom into a functional practice that can be used effectively within the Spanish-speaking world. The eighth grade Spanish class is conducted 100% in the target language.