QUES²T (Gifted and Talented Program)

QUES²T - Integrating Questioning and Understanding in English, Science, Social Studies and Technology

QUES²T, our Gifted and Talented Program at Grey Nun Academy, is designed to give qualifying students meaningful and authentic learning opportunities in a gifted and talented classroom setting. The Program presents a depth of content as an extension of traditional classroom topics, and delves into independent study and research using multiple resources, including the reading of original documents when possible.

QUES²T students explore intellectual passions and express them in varied disciplines and mediums. Questions are open-ended to challenge learners and encourage perseverance in the face of obstacles. The goal of QUES²T is to stretch and stimulate divergent and evaluative thinking. Technology is utilized to enhance learning, critical thinking skills, and the fundamentals of solid reading and writing.

Students will see that learning is a true QUES²T for knowledge!