Individual and Group Guidance

Grey Nun Academy is unique in that we employ a certified School Counselor who offers regular instruction as part of the academic curriculum. Students in lower and middle schools receive one push-in guidance class per month on topics such as: gratitude, compassion, teamwork, self-control, conflict resolution, and anti-bullying.

In addition to “push-in” guidance class, the School Counselor offers individual and small group counseling as requested by teachers, students or parents.

Students are also invited in small groups to School Counselor-hosted Lunch Bunches in the guidance office to provide them with a social opportunity to enhance friendships or work through various group dynamics.

Our fully certified School Counselor also provides direct support for:

  • Special needs and issues that may arise

  • Middle School Monthly Advisory

  • Student Council Leadership

  • Review of standardized testing scores with parents and teachers

  • Conflict resolution

  • Outside psychologists who evaluate children’s learning needs.

Our School Counselor also provides the following referral services for student and parents:

  • Speech and language services from Bucks County Intermediate Unit

  • Catapult Speech and Language Services

  • Evaluations i.e. Psychoeducational, Neurological

  • Grey Nun Academy’s QUES2T Program selection


High School Admissions Counseling

Grey Nun Academy’s School Counselor plays an integral role in guiding students through the application process and transition to high school beginning in sixth grade when communications about high school open houses and practice tests are sent to students and families.

During the fall of the academic year and the enrollment periods for secondary schools, Grey Nun Academy hosts a High School Open House Night, at which more than 25 of the region’s top high schools attend to meet with our students and families and distribute information.

Following the Open House, the School Counselor hosts a High School Information Night for sixth and seventh grade parents and students to explain in detail the ins and outs of the high school application process. Additionally, seventh grade students begin to work with the School Counselor to build their resumes and prepare for admission interviews.

The School Counselor also hosts an alumni panel of recent Grey Nun Academy graduates throughout the academic year to meet with seventh and eighth grade students in order to answer their questions regarding high school transition.

It is the goal of Grey Nun Academy’s Guidance Program to educate students and parents about the high school search and selection process, and to ensure that they are exceptionally well prepared for every step of this exciting journey.