Learning Support Services

Learning Support Services

Grey Nun Academy is unique in that we employ a certified Special Education teacher who offers regular instruction as part of the academic curriculum.

S/he offers information to promote an academic and social environment that is conducive to optimal growth for students. The Learning Coordinator/Learning Specialist (LC/LS) works within all three divisions to provide support to students, faculty and parents concerning students with learning differences. The LC/LS primarily provides support to the teachers; addresses those academic issues which may interfere with students’ performance in the classroom, and promotes differentiated instruction to meet the range of learners.

Cognitive and Social Support are provided to students via the Bucks County Intermediate Unit (through the PA Act 89 program), and through the Grey Nun Academy Student Support Team.

The Grey Nun Academic Support Team offers support to students who have been identified by a Licensed School Psychologist with a learning difference. The team will review the student's evaluation completed by a school psychologist and develop a supportive plan in collaboration with parent, teacher and student input (when age appropriate).

GNA Learning Lab

Grey Nun Academy's Learning Lab offers rich, dynamic support to each and every student.

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Through PA ACT 89 Program, Grey Nun Academy receives three services provided by Bucks County Intermediate Unit Services (BCIU)

  • Math and Reading Specialist
  • Catapult School Counselor one day per week
  • School Psychologist
  • Speech and Language Pathologist

Educational Support

This service includes diagnostic and criterion-referenced testing as well as direct and small group instruction performed by our Learning Coordinator/Learning Specialist or the Cataplut teacher. Corrective instruction in reading and mathematics is available on a regularly scheduled basis one or two times per week for students in grades kindergarten through eight; frequency is based on students’ grade level and severity of skill deficits.

Psychological-Educational Services

Psychological-educational evaluations are diagnostic evaluations provided by psychologists, who test students individually on instruments that provide more definitive information than learning assessments in the areas of intelligence, achievement, perception, and emotional, adaptive, and behavioral functioning. Psychological consultation of students is also available in grades kindergarten through eight. These services are contracted by the BCIU via Catapult Learning or by the school district where the student resides, or by a private psychologist.

Speech and Language Therapy

This service is conducted in small groups for students in grades kindergarten through eight. A part-time Speech and Language Therapist provides screening for students as requested by our school. This service is provided by BCIU staff.