Lower School PreK-5

Grey Nun Academy’s Lower School has unique identity that includes an intentional, sequential curriculum with a primary emphasis on research, reading, writing, oral presentation, mathematics and science, and a commitment to special subjects and interactive learning in our classrooms.

Less visible, and often difficult to describe but equally present, is our school’s commitment to balancing seemingly opposite qualities. Grey Nun Academy is both rigorous and nurturing; focused on the intellectual rather than rote-learning, yet committed to skill development. Our programs are comprehensive while the Academy remains attentive to the individual as well as to the community and our faith-centered mission.

Utilizing a curriculum that supports different learning styles, students in our Lower School receive instruction in ELA (Grammar, Reading, Phonics, Speaking, Spelling, Writing), Math, Religion, Social Studies, and Science. In addition, children attend Art, Guidance, Library/Media, Mac Lab, Music, Physical Education, and Spanish classes.

Small classes, with the support of associate teachers in preschool, kindergarten, first, second, grades provide the ideal environment for children to reach their full potential.