Profile of a Graduate


A Grey Nun Academy graduate is a fearless learner who is well prepared for the rigors of top area high schools as demonstrated by:

  • Love of learning;
  • Preparation in all subject areas;
  • Competence and expertise with technology;
  • Strong organizational, time management, and study skills;
  • Project-based and creative thinking;
  • Self-confidence and clear communications;
  • Acceptance of challenges.


A Grey Nun Academy graduate embraces Catholic values, traditions, and beliefs by:

  • Articulating and demonstrating the values of Jesus;
  • Showing familiarity with the Old and New Testament;
  • Actively participating in religious celebrations;
  • Acting with a Christian conscience;
  • Being knowledgeable about current Catholic Social Teachings and learning to be advocates for the poor and needy in their everyday lives.


A Grey Nun Academy graduate is developing a lifelong relationship with God by:

  • Serving others;
  • Practicing mindful prayer and meditation;
  • Understanding and being open to other religions.


A Grey Nun Academy graduate creates a compassionate world by:

  • Valuing every being including self;
  • Advocating for peace;
  • Acting with integrity;
  • Showing respect for self and others;
  • Making positive life choices;
  • Understanding leadership is a form of service;
  • Continuing a lifelong relationship with the GNA community.