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The goal of the Academy's admission process is to place children in an educational environment where they will be most successful academically, socially, and emotionally.

A prospective student is considered for enrollment into Grey Nun Academy when all of the criteria (listed below) have been submitted to the Director of Enrollment.

A student’s completed application to Grey Nun Academy must include the following:

  • Application Form with $50 Application Fee
  • School Records including Grades, Standardized Testing, Transcripts
  • Teacher Recommendation Form
  • School Visit

All of the above mentioned information must be received by the Director of Enrollment before the Admission Committee can make a determination regarding a student’s acceptance to Grey Nun Academy.


All students who wish to be considered for enrollment at Grey Nun Academy are required to come for an official school visit during which an informal assessment will be given. For students considering PreK and Kindergarten, the teacher and/or Guidance Counselor will observe development and academic readiness. For grades 1-8, students will undergo informal testing to gauge math, reading, and writing abilities. Additional testing may be required. All new students and parents will be scheduled for an interview with the Director of Enrollment.

Once the Admission Committee has made a determination on a completed file, parents of qualified applicants will be notified by phone and then letter and will either be offered a class placement or placed on a waiting list if no placement is available. Applicants who do not meet the academic criteria for the current year will also be notified.

Please email or call Susy Kim, Director of Enrollment, with questions:, or

215-968-4151 x. 102.