Physical Education

Lower School students (Grades PreK to 5) participate in Physical Education classes twice per week. Students in PreK to second grade learn different locomotive and manipulative movements that will broaden their physical abilities and spatial awareness. Also, they develop fundamental techniques while doing station work and working in groups to learn to communicate and work well with each other.

Students in grades 3-5 work on the fundamentals taught in the prior grades; however, they now use those movements and technique in different games. Students begin to use and master strategies and rules of various athletic games. Additionally they master techniques in cooperation and team-building in order to reach a common goal.

Middle School (Grades 6-8)  students attend Physical Education classes meet once per week and also attend Health class once per week. In Physical Education, student learn different tactical and net games, as well as regular sports to further build and master their communication and team-building skills. Students complete obstacle courses to critically analyze how to solve a problem by working with their classmates; they learn the importance of communication that they will need to use in their futures.


Middle School students (Grades 6-8) participate in Health class once per week. Students learn and master basic health skills, as well as social and mental health skills. Health projects include building a fitness and nutrition plans that they tailor for themselves. Guided by the teacher, students work together or complete independent assignments to strengthen their knowledge in Health topics needed for adolescents.

Grey Nun Academy Running Gators Athletic Program

Grey Nun Academy offers a great opportunity for students to join Athletics and be a part of the school community! The Athletic programs are provided for 5th-8th grade students.
(Note: After School Enrichment [ASE] provides athletic programs for grades PreK to 4th).

Grey Nun Academy has a no-cut policy so every student that joins the team can participate! Practices vary from week to week; two to three practices per week are held after school.

Athletic Programs at Grey Nun Academy

Fall Sports

  • Varsity and Junior Varsity Co-ed Soccer (Grade 5-8)
    *Note: Large soccer groups will have girls’ teams and boys’ teams.

Winter Sports

  • Girls' Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball (Grades 5-8)
  • Boys' Varsity and Junior Varsity Basketball (Grades 5-8)

Spring Sports

  • Track Team (Starting in 2019)
  • Running Club – A club that learns about the basics of Track and Field races and events that will run on Tuesday and Thursdays during the months of April and May

For athletic uniform ordering information, please click here.

Any questions regarding Physical Education/Health or Athletics please contact Physical Education/Health Teacher and Athletic Director Ryan Lynady at or 215-968-4151 ext. 111