The purpose of a Grey Nun Academy education is to teach children in an academically rigorous environment, in which they receive technologically advanced instruction with increasing specialization through their school career.

In commitment to its mission, the Academy will make technology available as a vehicle to inspire, instruct, and maximize the learning capacity of all students, faculty, and staff throughout their tenure at Grey Nun Academy.

Technology offers students the opportunity to compete in a global society. To prepare students for lifelong learning in a changing world and success in high school, college, and beyond, the tools and instructional methods used to teach, collaborate, design, present, research, and complete assignments will be integrated into the entire curriculum.

Students, parents, and educators will use all aspects of technology as a means to enhancing academic instruction. In doing so, we will prepare our students for their further education and exceed the thresholds placed by their high schools of choice.

Grey Nun Academy supports the ongoing adoption of Google Classroom and Google Apps. Google Classroom is designed to help teachers create and collect assignments paperlessly. Students can keep track of their assignment while teachers can quickly see who has or has not completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.

Throughout their educational process, students will be made aware of the threats of modern technology and how to connect with the outside world in an appropriate and ethical way in line with Grey Nun Academy’s philosophy. We will continuously change in step with technological advances, and will provide continuous education through training and development opportunities for our faculty and staff to facilitate the adoption of new tools and keep up with technological advances in support of our vision.