Library/Multimedia Center

Grey Nun Academy offers students an advanced Library and Multimedia Center which has a direct impact on student learning in four main ways:
  • Collaboration
  • Technology
  • Environment
  • Culture

The center is utilized by students, classrooms, faculty and staff, professional learning communities, and a variety of committees and divisions within the school. Over the past year, the current computer classroom and library space at Grey Nun Academy has been transformed into a technology-rich learning center with various collaborative spaces.

The Academy employs an experienced multimedia specialist with a Masters in Library Science who helps to facilitate the integration of technology into the classroom to enhance learning, and plays a significant role in the daily lives of our students, faculty, and administration.

Students benefit from Library/Multimedia classes that foster a culture of dynamic research, a love of reading, and advanced technology skills development.

The multimedia specialist also provides support for educational programs such as Reading Olympics, Visiting Author Program, and the Scholastic Book Fair.